20 février 2008

Programme of our symposium

Thursday 13 March - Morning

9-9.30: Welcome of participants

9.45 – 12.45 : Production and interpretation of legal categories.

9.45/10.05 > Ségolène Barbou des Places (Université de Picardie Jules Verne): “Foreigners ‘caught’ by Law: The issue of the legal categorisation of migrants”.

10.05/10.25 > Gilles Frigoli (URMIS, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis): “Local practices of public categorisations regarding migration flows”.

10.45/11.05 : Any Freitas (Institut Universitaire Européen, Florence): “Reframing nations. Nationhood and “immigration” in Italy and Spain”.

11.05/11.25 > Christel Cournil (IRIS, Paris XIII): “‘Environnemental refugees’: an emerging category”.

11.25/11.45 > Introduction to the discussion by the moderator.

11.45/12.45 > Discussion and debate with the public.

Thursday 13 March - Afternoon

14. 30 – 17.45: Geopolitical issues and transnationalism: Migrants between states and states categories

14.30/14.50 > Anzhela Stashak (Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs): “The category ‘illegal migrant’ - consequences of its use.”

14.50/15.10 > Neda Deneva (Central European University, Budapest): “Migration on the Margins of the State(s): Bulgarian Muslims betwixt and between Bulgaria and Spain.”

15.10/15.30 > Jeanne Hersant-Menares (Centre des Etudes Turques et Ottomanes, EHESS): “Integration policies towards “foreigners of Turkish extraction” in Turkey: the derogatory status of stateless refugees from Western Thrace (Greece)”

15.30/15.50 > Luigi Achili (New School, New York): “Labelling in the space of doubt.”

15.50/16.10 > Marie-Laure Tending (Université François Rabelais de Tours): “North/South transnational migrations, the complex history of ethnic relations, and the integration of migrants”.

16.30/16.45 > Introduction to the discussion by the moderator.

16.45/17.45 > Discussion and debate with the public.

Friday 14 March - Morning

9.30 – 12.40 : Indigenous categories and new scientific categories.

9.30/9.50 >Isabelle Rigoni (Minoritymedia, Migrinter): “Labelling struggles regarding ‘ethnic minorities’ Medias’.”

9.50/10.10 > Lila Belkacem (EHESS, CEMS-IMM): “Experiencing, conceptualising, and saying categories : Malian migrants’ children and their identity.”

10h10/10h30 >Martin Rosenfeld (METICES, GERRME Université Libre de Bruxelles): “Categorising actors involved in the second hand car export business”.

10h50/11h10 > Claire Schiff (Université de Bordeaux 2, LAPSAC/CADIS) : «Beurs and 'Blédards': an indigenous dichtotomy with multiple uses. Gender, class and cultural relations in online discussion forums dealing with the Maghreb population.

11h10/11h30 > Anaik Pian (URMIS, Université Paris 7 Diderot): “The adventurer as a sociological figure: a specific type of actor in migration?

11.30/11.50 > Introduction to the discussion by the moderator.

11.50/12.50 > Discussion and debate with the public.

Friday 14 March – Afternoon

14. 30 – 17.05 : Redefining identity in the light of history

14.30/14.50 > Frédéric Roustan (IRIS, EHESS): “Japanese migrants in Tonkin, 1885-1954 : between legal and visual categories.”

14.50/15.10 > Jacqueline de Bony (LISE, CNRS/CNAM): Social diversity and its management in The Netherlands : Autochtoon (native) and allochtoon (immigrant).”

15.10/15.30 > Julie Voldoire (CRPS, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne): “Labelling migrations with a comparative bias : categorisations and identity constructions. The example of Poles in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

15.30/15.50 > Claire Cossée (Minoritymedia, MIGRINTER) : “From 'travelling people' to Rroms. The genealogy and usage of ethnonyms. Towards an impossible neutrality.

15.50/16.05: Introduction to the discussion by the moderator

16.05/17.05: Discussion and debate with the public

17h05/17h30: Commentary by the « sponsors »

17h30/17h45: Conclusion by the group Migractions

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