6 septembre 2008

15 octobre 2008

International Conference
Effects of Migration on Population Structures in Europe
Vienna/Austria, 1-2 December 2008
Organiser: Vienna Institute of Demography / IIASA

Call for Papers


Unprecedented streams of migration to European countries have forced
European governments to reconsider their immigration policies. On the
one hand, there is the perception that labour migration is needed to
help fill the projected gap in the labour force that will result from
the low fertility levels in most European countries. On the other hand,
a large volume of immigration from outside Europe may change the
cultural, social and even political face of Europe. What is going to
happen with migration in the future? Given the further divide of the
world into rich and poor, do we expect more people to look for a better
life and seek their fortune in Europe? What could be political measures
aimed at optimising migration flows and what should be their guiding
criteria? This question is very much related to the effect migration has
on the labour force and on social security systems. What should be the
criteria for judging the impact of migration on the future ethnic and
religious composition of the population? Migrants often do not come
alone: they bring their families and have children in the countries of
destination. What is the effect of migration on fertility in the
receiving countries? How does it affect the health and education status
in Europe? These are some of the questions this conference will address.
We expect contributions on the following topics:

1. Forecasting migration
2. Effects of migration on population size and age structure
3. Effects of migration on labour and pension system
4. Effects of migration on religion and ethnic composition
5. Migration and fertility

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee consists of Wolfgang Lutz and Sergei Scherbov,
both from the Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of
Sciences and IIASA.

Please e-mail all submissions to conference.vid@oeaw.ac.at
Submissions should include an abstract and, wherever possible, the full
paper and be sent to the VID by 1 September 2008. Acceptance decisions
will be communicated before 15 October 2008.

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